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 Post subject: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:55 pm 

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So I saw a post online regarding tips and tricks for first time cruises - I found them pretty useful even though I have been before....

So let's start a list here......

- It's a marathon not a sprint (pace yourself for 5 days of craziness)

- Get off the boat at port - explore even if it's just the beach. Go on excursions.

- If the boat excursions are too expensive there are always private people on beach offering cool 1/2 day outings for cheap.

- Costumes - bring them, wear them, the whole time!

- Be careful around the doors covered in dots.

- You're not supposed to bring any alcohol on board - no liquids at all actually! If they find it they will confiscate it.

- Arrive the day before the cruise and leave the day after. All kinds of delays can happen with airlines and with the ship itself (plus, you'll be an absolute zombie when you get off the boat).

- Call your credit card company and tell them all the unusual places you will be with your card. The last thing you need is for them to freeze your card while you're in the middle of the ocean.

- Get travel insurance- do it! What's an extra $70 compared to all you've invested already?

- Give your bags (with booze or no booze) to the bag loaders outside the entrance. Slip them $20 and let them know your bag needs to make it safety to your room. It works like a charm.

- TIPS - tip your room butler to have the beers you like in your mini fridge and to keep ice bucket full - well worth it - no ice machines and when you need ice no one is to be found.

- Drink water, catch some zzzzzz's, party smart, respect others on the boat and dance your butt off.

- Make sure you eat, sleep, and hydrate. Eat 3-4 times a day if you can. Did I say sleep?

- Walk around and get the layout of the boat when you get on so you know where to go. It gets confusing at night when rushing from show to show.

- Respect all, including the boat and staff.

- Decorate your door (it will be easier to recognize for you, will make you friends, and could win a prize)

- Bring chocolates and all your favorite party favors to share!

- Bring a lanyard to hold your room key and drink tickets.

- Watch at least 1 sunrise (heck - watch them all).

- Enjoy the jam room late at night. Sleep as little as possible!

- DO NOT FORGET SUNSCREEN, especially if you find that the place you sleep is in a lounge chair on the pool deck in the mornings. The UV levels out at sea are WAY HIGHER on the boat.

- Get in line early on day 1 so you have plenty of time to get ready for blast off! Get drink tickets when u first board, have a big lunch because you probably won't feel like slowing down for a meal once the excitement of the day builds....

- Go back to your room to unpack and decorate your door - then you have laid the foundation for the best week of your life!!! Get on deck and meet your Jamily!

- Command strip hooks are really helpful with the small size of the room! they stick nicely to the wall and you can hang up some items to keep them off the floor (we used them for accessory bags).

- i absolutely second the eye mask and ear plugs!! it makes it easy to go take a nap at odd times when roomies may be up and partying.

- Bring a hole punch and lanyard for your room key / sail card. Easier than digging through pockets.

- If you have motion sickness get patches or dramamine.

- Be prepared for your face to get funked for 5 days straight!

- Bring your own coffee

- Book your massages for middle and end of trip - it's worth it after all the dancing and parting.

- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (I know it's hard between all the island drinks). But you will thank me.

- I always use deck 7 to get from one end of the boat to the other. You can walk the length of the boat on deck 7 and then go up or down. This will save you time for sure!

- Have fun, but be responsible. Nobody likes a train wreck

- Bring a jacket, it's in January.. Sometimes it gets chilly at night. Bring multiple pairs of sunglasses. I always lose mine. Try to take a nap every once in a while, I stayed up for 6 days straight my first year and I was sick for over a month. And emergen-cee!!!

- This one is from me (the poster). Bring something warm to wear home. I always get back to Colorado and it's snowing and blizzarding and all I have is flip flops and shorts. Bring something for the sad trip home.

- Stay a day before and stay a day after - who wants to rush to a place after being shoved off the boat. Decompress.

- I say bring energy drinks or whatever substances you prefer to help you get by with minimal sleep. Try to get 4-6 hours each morning, but more than that and you might miss some great stuff. You can sleep when the cruise is over.

- drink emergencies everyday! They saved me last year from letting the wook flu keep me down!

- Bring a gift to share with everyone you meet.

- Don't wuss out on the costume/theme nights. You really cannot go overboard. The more over the top you go, the more fun you (and everyone else) will have.

- Buy the drink packages. You save money and, more importantly, save time since you don't have to sign for each drink on your cruise card.

- Bring sandals for the boat - bring shoes for excursions.

- Purchase Recover ORS on Amazon. Trust me.. it's adult pedialyte. One in the wake up, one before bed. If in a pinch, you can go to walgreens and get the powdered pedialyte.

- Party Armor Hangover Protection Supplement OR try DEFY HANGOVER RELIEF

- learn which way to go on the boat! we wasted a lot of time not learning/studying where everything was and closest elevators/stairways etc.

- DO NOT miss Ivan Neville in the piano lounge!!

- I've always heard people say "it's a marathon, not a sprint", but realistically it's just a long fucking sprint. Hold on tight.

- anything you consume from the microfridge will be charged to your room but it costs the same as if you were to go to the bar for it.

- Remember that the last night you have to get off the boat - every year I find myself dancing and wasted in the disco and then someone points out we have docked and I better go get my stuff and get ready to walk back into reality - ugggh. Going to try to sleep a little this year so the real world isn't so scary. Also - remember to pace yourself on the nights when there are excursions the next day - don't miss getting off the boat because your hungover!

- Elevator up, stairs down. It keeps you moving, saves the legs and when done by all keeps the elevators moving.

If you lose your seapass (electronic cabin key card), make sure you touch base with all of your cabin mates before getting another. They reset all of the old ones and everyone in the cabin has to go down to the lobby in the atrium on deck 5 for their new card.

- Don't make a schedule. You won't stick to it...

- Everything is amazing at all times but the 3:00-5:00 action in the jam room is not to be missed. Eat breakfast before bed and crash in the morning hours. If you're up by noon you can still enjoy the ports and rock the next day!!

- if you provide Bacon Delivery Service for folks on the pool deck at sunrise, you will make a shipload of new friends.

- Stay up least until 3 am!!

- Pack your suitcase BEFORE the last night begins. Leave it outside your door for the stewards so you have one last thing to carry off the boat

- Don't forget - you can do & see whatever you want! If the group is going to one set & you have your eyes on another at the same time, GO & EXPLORE! Sometimes little solo/duo missions are awesome.

- empty your suite cases day one, into the draws and closets, then each night pack your dirty clothes in a garbage bag, into the case. by the last night you only have to throw in the clean unused things...less stress and more time to play!


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 Post subject: Re: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:40 pm 
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You can call room service 24hrs a day for ice and they will bring in just a couple minutes.

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 Post subject: Re: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:39 pm 

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- I dont drink the water they provide in cafeteria, the bottles they have in the rooms are bigger ones and only are $3 and change, its worth it for not getting an upset stomach.

- In all seriousness, they have run out of bottled water before we made it back to Florida before so on day one I buy a box of the larger bottled waters and take it to my room for back up.

- Bring some $ for cabs to get to the beach

- Cash for getting off the boat- especially bring small bills so you can haggle with cabbies and vendors. If you only have 20s you'll get ripped off

- Screw the excursions. Take a cab to the ruins for $10 American or less, walk yourself around, when you're done cab it back to the beach and drink until it's time to get back on board. More fun, promise. Keep this in mind though.....if a ship sponsored excursion is delayed (been there), the ship has to wait for you. If a $10 cab is delayed, the ship could leave without you.

- Or better yet - just Cab it to a beach bar away from port and drink all day for $20.

 Post subject: Re: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:28 pm 
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Some of these are good, but I disagree with a bunch too :lol:
whatever, do what makes YOU happy on the ship. To each their own!

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 Post subject: Re: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 3:34 pm 

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Yeah they are all just recommendations I gathered from facebook posts, old message board posts, etc. - just put them all in one place.

Would love to hear your ideas or which you disagree with and your ideas.

 Post subject: Re: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:13 pm 

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Very helpful, thcguy, thanks for posting this!

 Post subject: Re: TIPS AND TRICKS (must know stuff for Jam Cruise)?!
PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:57 pm 

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sounds like they are cracking down more this year? can we even bring chocolate or gummy bears in our luggage?

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